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Bulk Add Referrals

How To Use

Please note:

To send us contact details of people, you need to use the following syntax:- emailaddress,firstname,lastname


Separate each part with a comma. Please do not add spaces.
Add only one entry PER LINE.

Once you have finished adding contacts simply click Submit, and you will see a confirmation appear on the page if the submission was successful.

When you upload bulk contacts, we automatically email the recipient and request their permission to add them to our main database. We do this via MailChimp, our preferred email manager.

If the recipient does not wish to be added to our database, their contact details are deleted within 24 hours of receipt of their request.

If the recipient gives us permission to add them to our database, we will contact them with details of upcoming events and information on our products & services.

NO CONTACT DATA IS STORED ON OUR SERVERS. Once the data is collected, all traces are deleted from our website server. We store all permanent data with MailChimp. You can read more about their data & privacy policy here.

Upload Here

Please use the following syntax:-,firstname,lastname
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